Saturday, 12 September 2009

4th Outing

What a beautiful day in Wales!

Well on the way back from taking my son to his Drama Club at the Globe this morning I decided to do a little yarn-enhancement so found myself heading to the library where I just planted a small flower on the bench...

TAG #11

...and then had to place this little fella on the gate at the back of the Granary

TAG #12

Then I spotted another switched off street light so I offered him a tarting-up and he was very pleased with the attention.... and I had only just made this particular tag while my son was in Drama so it was 'freshly baked' so-to-speak...

TAG #13

As I usually seem to Tag in 3's this felt like a good amount for the day but as I walked home I passed a friend's house and just couldn't resist enhancing her door knocker... just a little.

TAG #14

Monday, 7 September 2009

3rd Outing.

After my dentist appointment this morning I decided on another yarn-bombing spree and on the way up through the car-park I spotted a row of 3 or 4 metal bollard/posts all in a row and just behind them a very lonely single one looking all forlorn. I decided he needed a bit of cheering up so I dressed (blessed) him with a lovely blue/green hexagonal mandala piece, and he was so full of himself afterwards, and the others looked on with envy.

I was doing it at about 10.15 am so it was in plain view of any passers by, and it is all the more exciting when people catch you in the corner of their eye and don't know whether to stare or pretend they didn't see.

TAG #8
look at him all alone....
and here he looks out at the row of others in front of him....

I didn't pay but I did display!!!

Then I remembered a small wooden post that holds a chain attached to the Castle wall by the Main Entrance to Hay Castle that I had spotted when I had no tags on me so I decided to give it a visit...

TAG #9

I then walked over to the Tourist Information Office and spotted the most exciting opportunity yet...

... The Wishing Well which raises money for a local cause..... this deserved one of my favorite motifs that I have crocheted for this project...
TAG #10

As I was attaching this one there was a handful of Tourists milling around, and some of the Elder generation - one man especially seemed to hover and then approached me.

 "Excuse me..." my heart leaped a little - I thought I was about to get my first protest against what I was doing... "Could you tell me which is the best Bookshop?" OMG we are in Hay on Wye, Town of Books - with over 30 of them to choose from!!!????... "I would especially like to find old books about Birds..." phew! maybe I won't need to justify my actions after all?  I sent him off to the Hay Cinema Bookshop as I didn't know which was the best bookshop for that subject but if the HCB wasn't my friend Lesley who works there is more than likely the best person to point him in the right direction. He said thanks and mentioned nothing about what I was doing.

I would so love to acquire an invisibility cloak (as in Harry Potter) so that I could place my tags in plain view without people seeing where they 'pop-up' from, that would be so much fun!

R.I.P. TAG #4 is gone.