Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween Stitch & Bitch Outing 2010

Yes, it has been a while, and I haven't managed much tagging this summer due to all the work on the Creativitree and  a baby blanket for a soon-to-be-here newborn taking up all my crochet time.

But, we braved the wind last night and got some poor night-time pics and thanks to She-who-shall-be-known-as Lucibee getting some more this morning we have some daytime ones too (of the ones that survived the night). So please excuse the random mix of night and day shots, I chose the best pics from both shoots.

I have to add that the funniest part of the evening for me was having a bunch of spotty teenage boys heckling us - a bunch of grown women - for doing 'Graffiti'. Brilliant!

She-who-shall-be-known-as Phantomstitch started proceedings with an appropriate Phantom on the Cafe in Castle Street,

Then I slipped a gothic heart on one of my favourite spots next to Flow

TAG # 35

Then She-who-shall-be-known-as Black Widow placed one of her lovely cobwebs on Lucinda's Hairdressers.

then She-who-shall-be-known-as Phantomstitch found her regular perch and planted a Devillish woolly hat which we hope ends up on a child at some point

...and I added a 'cosy' to my favourite knob ; )

TAG # 36

She-who-shall-be-known-as Black Widow added a Cobweb to the door knocker at The Bear (hopefully this time they won't be as 'spooked' as last time)

She-who-shall-be-known-as Elen the Spinner donated gifted granny squares to the cause, hanging one on the side of Oxfam,

Another usual spot - my biggest bat on the the door of Hay Wholefoods

TAG # 37

another granny square from She-who-shall-be-known-as Elen the Spinner to liven up the scaffolding

... and another phantom from She-who-shall-be-known-as Phantomstitch

and her inspired skeleton hand...

The not-very-subtle Halloween sea-slug by She-who-shall-be-known-as Lucibee by Sage Femme...

and another bat from me for the signpost with the bin

TAG # 38

then the last bat on the no entry sign by the Pharmacy

TAG # 39

Another cobweb from She-who-shall-be-known-as Black Widow for Booth's Books

The Sweet Shop got a visit from She-who-shall-be-known-as Lucibee

While She-who-shall-be-known-as Missknit got her nimble daughter to shimmy up a disused signpost to add a fabulous pumpkin hat to the top, right next to Adele's Dress Agency,

... She-who-shall-be-known-as Phantomstitch and her helpful hubby were placing two more fab hats on the window rails of The Granary.

Shepherd's got a cobweb from She-who-shall-be-known-as Black Widow,

whilst my old friend the drain-pipe opposite Shepherd's got a wrist-warmer from me

TAG # 40

and She-who-shall-be-known-as Phantomstitch warmed up a chilly 'At any time' sign

and She-who-shall-be-known-as Missknit dangled a pom-pom spider from Bullring Antiques (I think it was there- by now I had several Stitch and Bitch bombers scattered all over town and was having trouble keeping up with the documentation).

The old bench outside HSBC has been replaced with a brand new one so I had to revisit the granny-square arm-rest that I did before,

TAG # 41

and then I added a triangle motif to the drainpipe in the Back Fold outside the cafe,

TAG # 42

... and ran round the corner to add my last studded swatch to the tree by Nepal Bazaar

TAG # 43

Which was joined by She-who-shall-be-known-as Lucibee's last Sea-slug

and close by is her last addition to the railings outside Country Stores,

whilst She-who-shall-be-known-as Black Widow ended the evening with a cobweb on the door of Sartori.

It is so much easier doing the Lone Yarn-bombing but such an adventure with the Stitch and Bitch Girrrls.

Hope Hay residents enjoyed the results of our spree as much as we enjoyed scattering them.

Happy halloween : )