Saturday, 2 November 2013

Laughing in the Face of Halloween

Today I yarn-bombed the Tashi Gallery, where Tashi Mannox has a series of paintings called "Laughing in the face of... - Anger, Pride, Attachment, Jealousy, Stupidity" - The Five Skulls Series which can be seen here ...

so I made a piece called 'Laughing in the face of Halloween' with a crocheted skull.

... above this beautiful Gallery is a delightful home from home self-contained holiday apartment called the Pavement Palace, but I have yet to yarn-bomb there :-)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

International Yarn-bombing Day

Yesterday was International Yarn-bombing Day, also in International Knitting (ad crochet) in Public week, so I started off by bombing Hay with mainly hearts but  a few custom pieces before joining my Stitch & Bitch family at The Globe for some stitching in public, accompanied by poetry and music - luverly!

here are all the bombs for the day;

yew tree at St Mary's Church

outside Woodland Davies Solicitors

Kate's Shop


Honesty Bookshop in Castle grounds

Special bomb to support Plan B for Hay

Heart on a hook

Hay deli

The sculpture at The Globe

The 'Chai Tent' as I call it at The Globe

The Granary

Hay Clinic

Jones Pharmacy

A lonely bollard

a very special free-form piece for Booth Books Cafe

A small adornment for this beautiful sculpture by Sally Matthews, check out her website she is amazing!
(And I hope she didn't mind)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Valentine for the Valentines

... well actually Annie (who works at Hay Deli) requested a rose this valentine's day but I couldn't resist the obvious as Alex and Jenny Valentine are the Proprietor's of Hay Deli.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Winter Sparkles for Hay...

 A little star for Booth Books
TAG #68

Some mistletoe for Rawhide
TAG #69

 and a string of stars for Hay Deli
TAG #70

Yarn-bombing a little love around London.

I went to London for a long weekend and took some crocheted love-bombs with me....

The first is on the Statue of 'The Conversion of St Paul' in Soho Square
TAG #63

The second is on the back of a display in one of my favourite London yarn shops -
 for the pleasure of the staff in All The Fun Of The Fair
TAG #64

The third is on a shop display at Sohigh Soho - one of my favourite places I used to work at in my youth
TAG #65

The fourth love-bomb was at Occupy London at St Paul's Cathedral in support of the great work being done by the cold, uncomfortable, dedicated people creating awareness of the corruption of the present financial system, and to facilitate discussions that are empowering everyday people to stand up and be heard.
TAG #66

... and even yarn-bombed Bansky's piece ;-)

And lastly I have finally exhibited at The National Gallery : )
TAG # 67

This first picture is my love-bomb's-eye view of Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square,