Sunday, 10 June 2012

International Yarn-bombing Day

Yesterday was International Yarn-bombing Day, also in International Knitting (ad crochet) in Public week, so I started off by bombing Hay with mainly hearts but  a few custom pieces before joining my Stitch & Bitch family at The Globe for some stitching in public, accompanied by poetry and music - luverly!

here are all the bombs for the day;

yew tree at St Mary's Church

outside Woodland Davies Solicitors

Kate's Shop


Honesty Bookshop in Castle grounds

Special bomb to support Plan B for Hay

Heart on a hook

Hay deli

The sculpture at The Globe

The 'Chai Tent' as I call it at The Globe

The Granary

Hay Clinic

Jones Pharmacy

A lonely bollard

a very special free-form piece for Booth Books Cafe

A small adornment for this beautiful sculpture by Sally Matthews, check out her website she is amazing!
(And I hope she didn't mind)


  1. How great! They all look so cheerful.

  2. Hi, i found you via Ravelry! Had to say I loved the yarn bombing you did...made me smile and want to go out and do some too.

  3. Hello ... I found a yarn bombing last weekend in Hay ... wonderful!! I have recorded it on my little blog :0) xx