Saturday, 27 November 2010

Yule Yarn Bombing has started.

Well it really really snowed big time here on Friday so I decided it was time to start the Yule Yarn Bombing which began at The Globe with a small Mistletoe on their breakfast menu

TAG # 43

then off to do a special request from Hay Deli for some Holly, though my new mistletoe pattern was so nice to make that it had to be a string of mistletoe too, hope they liked it. The close-up photos are a little blurry I am afraid.

TAG #44

TAG # 45

Then I went passed Flow and added a holly to their doorway,

TAG #46

and I visited one of my Local Yarn Shops - Bedecked where my son is in love with the owner's dog - Rita, Rita wasn't there, so I HAD to by some yarn (mwa-ha-ha-haaaa) but I left a Yarn Bomb as a gift on a bannister, though the owner asked if she could put it on the till.

TAG #47

Such a lovely bright blue sunny sky, loads of crisp snow, giggling son and a seasonal Yarn Bombing spree, I loved today : )

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Another 15 mins of fame...

After the Halloween Yarn Bombing Spree I got a message off a friend on Ravelry saying that we were in The Hereford Times.

"Yarn Craft Rebel hits Hay town centre for Halloween"

And then 24 hours later found an email in my inbox from BBC Hereford and Worcester who had found this blog and wanted an interview. I obliged excitedly and spoke to a lovely woman called Nicola who I had to Yarn Bomb with a four-leafed clover, and my son furnished her with an origami bomb too.

The interview went out on a prime time show between 7am and 9am on Monday 8th November by Howard Bentham who said it was the 'best story he had ever heard'. Each news announcement on the show mentioned us and they even interviewed people around the town. He jokingly called me 'Knitsy' with reference to Banksy which is a fabulous compliment.

If I can get a copy of the recording I will try to post a link here at a later date.

I have had a number of  '15 mins of fame' in the younger, wilder days of my life, but this one was really fun now that I am a humble home-educating mum in a small Welsh town.