Saturday, 27 November 2010

Yule Yarn Bombing has started.

Well it really really snowed big time here on Friday so I decided it was time to start the Yule Yarn Bombing which began at The Globe with a small Mistletoe on their breakfast menu

TAG # 43

then off to do a special request from Hay Deli for some Holly, though my new mistletoe pattern was so nice to make that it had to be a string of mistletoe too, hope they liked it. The close-up photos are a little blurry I am afraid.

TAG #44

TAG # 45

Then I went passed Flow and added a holly to their doorway,

TAG #46

and I visited one of my Local Yarn Shops - Bedecked where my son is in love with the owner's dog - Rita, Rita wasn't there, so I HAD to by some yarn (mwa-ha-ha-haaaa) but I left a Yarn Bomb as a gift on a bannister, though the owner asked if she could put it on the till.

TAG #47

Such a lovely bright blue sunny sky, loads of crisp snow, giggling son and a seasonal Yarn Bombing spree, I loved today : )


  1. This is awesome! I can't wait to yarn bomb something around my town too :)

  2. bloody fantabulous ... must start doing some yarn bombing in bristol too. lots of love. karina xx

  3. What a great idea! it's perfect and cute to look at! It adds to beauty to the store.
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