Friday, 23 July 2010


A gardening client of my Husband kindly comissioned me to bomb a dead tree in her garden ready for a wedding party she will host there at the end of July. I have been dying to do a project this big for ages but really wanted it to be appreciated and have longevity - this was a great opportunity!

Also being a home-educating mum living with fibromyalgia this was a rare opportunity to earn some money for the household so was a big boost to my integrity. The nets were crocheted from quite a scratchy metallic yarn so was hard on the hands and the compromising tension in my hands was quite painful near the end - but I did it and I am so proud!

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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Playing with Words....

I have been playing around with craft relevant words for a while, for instance I call Knitting Needles 'Kneedles' to separate them from sewing needles, and Crochet Hooks could be shortened to 'Crooks', I refer to myself as Bi-stitchual as I can knit and crochet (though I prefer crochet) and some have called our Crafty Graffiti 'Yarnarchistic'.... well just this morning I accidentally wrote it as 'Craftiti' instead of Graffiti which acknowledges the craftiness that uses recycled materials as well as yarn.... wonder if it will stick at all?

Oh I am a Happy Hooker,
Craftiti is my fun,
I like to bomb creatively
and inspire everyone!
So pick up your crooks and kneedles,
some fibres, and from a fellow crafter,
learn to ravel it into lovely knots,
and craft happily ever after : )

If you don't know anyone to learn a Yarn Craft from try looking for your local Stitch and Bitch Group, or go to Youtube for online tutorials, and especially check out