Friday, 23 July 2010


A gardening client of my Husband kindly comissioned me to bomb a dead tree in her garden ready for a wedding party she will host there at the end of July. I have been dying to do a project this big for ages but really wanted it to be appreciated and have longevity - this was a great opportunity!

Also being a home-educating mum living with fibromyalgia this was a rare opportunity to earn some money for the household so was a big boost to my integrity. The nets were crocheted from quite a scratchy metallic yarn so was hard on the hands and the compromising tension in my hands was quite painful near the end - but I did it and I am so proud!

Click on any image you want to see clearer and larger : )

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  1. Beautiful! I love the webbing, it makes it look a bit like a sailboat, like it's going to blow away. Nice work!

  2. Well done m'girl! It looks bloody marvelous.

  3. Well done, it looks really beautiful! We home-ed parents need to find ways to support our lifestyle any way we can, and being creative surely can only provide really positive role models for our young people! Good on you!!

  4. Looks fabulous - well done for being so resourceful.