Thursday, 1 July 2010

Playing with Words....

I have been playing around with craft relevant words for a while, for instance I call Knitting Needles 'Kneedles' to separate them from sewing needles, and Crochet Hooks could be shortened to 'Crooks', I refer to myself as Bi-stitchual as I can knit and crochet (though I prefer crochet) and some have called our Crafty Graffiti 'Yarnarchistic'.... well just this morning I accidentally wrote it as 'Craftiti' instead of Graffiti which acknowledges the craftiness that uses recycled materials as well as yarn.... wonder if it will stick at all?

Oh I am a Happy Hooker,
Craftiti is my fun,
I like to bomb creatively
and inspire everyone!
So pick up your crooks and kneedles,
some fibres, and from a fellow crafter,
learn to ravel it into lovely knots,
and craft happily ever after : )

If you don't know anyone to learn a Yarn Craft from try looking for your local Stitch and Bitch Group, or go to Youtube for online tutorials, and especially check out


  1. craftiti is perfect! i'm definitely up for using it as not everything we do is yarn based, sometimes its other recycled fibres.


  2. This is a great play on words,
    obviously very creative......