Thursday, 3 June 2010

Hay Literary Festival

It is Hay Literary Festival, and I had planned to do a major bombing spree on the town especially for it but my time has been taken up with a Yarn Bomb commission I am doing for one of my gardener husband's clients. They have a dead tree in their garden and a very creative nature and have asked me to decorate the tree in time for a wedding party there in July. I have done the trunk and one of the smaller branches that forks off it but it has taken all the time I needed to make bombs for Hay, but as I am getting paid for it it is a priority!

So, I already had a couple of bits made up and managed to find time to place this one on a tree standing in the grounds of the Castle overlooking the car park / market square.

TAG #31

To follow my habit of bombing in three's I added two more today on the way home from town...

one on Flow again as the flower finally disappeared a week ago

TAG #32

and one on the trellis at the home of some very dear friends who spread love wherever they go : )

TAG #33


  1. I just saw the one on the tree in the Castle grounds - stunning!

  2. Yarn Craft Rebel11 June 2010 at 19:03

    Thanks L. x

  3. Those hearts are really sweet!