Saturday, 12 September 2009

4th Outing

What a beautiful day in Wales!

Well on the way back from taking my son to his Drama Club at the Globe this morning I decided to do a little yarn-enhancement so found myself heading to the library where I just planted a small flower on the bench...

TAG #11

...and then had to place this little fella on the gate at the back of the Granary

TAG #12

Then I spotted another switched off street light so I offered him a tarting-up and he was very pleased with the attention.... and I had only just made this particular tag while my son was in Drama so it was 'freshly baked' so-to-speak...

TAG #13

As I usually seem to Tag in 3's this felt like a good amount for the day but as I walked home I passed a friend's house and just couldn't resist enhancing her door knocker... just a little.

TAG #14


  1. I love the first one, the colours and just one flower on the bench, GORGEOUS! I just picked up doing crochet again and I love how it looks.
    Your flower is definitely inspiring me :)

  2. So glad to hear you are crocheting again, I do love crochet soooo much, thanks for your feedback!

  3. This is such a great idea and project. Sharing your art with the world!

  4. Just saw your blog 'herebedragons' so kind of you to share your art too. How did you find my blog, did you visit Hay (if not you should when ever in the UK)?

  5. CanOnlyKnitSquares30 September 2009 at 21:14

    We're loving the attention our little yarn bomb is getting - thank you for making us feel special!!

  6. which tag are you talking about, 'canonly knitsquares' ...... ahhhhh I think I know who you are..... you'll be dropping a stitch in a month or so if I am not mistaken????

    You are welcome ; )

  7. I have seen your work in Hay and wondered what it was about, and then just by chance I visit your blog. Excellent, I love it!!