Friday, 30 October 2009

Halloween Yarn Bombing - 5th Outing

Well I have not tagged for ages but in the summer I 'came out' at my local Stitch and Bitch and the girls there loved the whole idea and we decided to tag the town for Halloween and 
Hay on Fire . So, we had a beer at The Swan where we meet monthly (sometimes fortnightly) to 'spin yarns' in more ways than one. Then we all set out in the dark to see what called out to us to be enhanced with our creations.

The first tag was by 
She-Who-Shall-Be-Known-As Phantomstitch and is a couple of pumpkins and a skull on a lonely street light opposite The Swan

It was tricky getting good pictures in the dark so I went out at 8am this morning to get better ones and sadly there were a few gone already! So, any that only have night photos are in the hands of an admirer we hope.
We walked on up past HCB and found a row of posts/bollards that were rather under-dressed...

This is one of the circular loom knitted hats by She-Who-Shall-Be-Known-As Elen the Spinner - fortunately/unfortunately her hats were much sought after and only one remained this morning as you will see further on.

Then we had She-Who-Shall-Be-Known-As Missknit......

and introducing She-Who-Shall-Be-Known-As Black Widow with one of her "Infinity and Beyond" tags,

and then I added a little spiral TAG #15

and we rambled into the centre past a dull looking 'At Any Time' sign to which Elen the Stitcher added one of her hats,

Then I spotted a dead sign post and had to stand on the ledge of the window of Russell Baldwin and Bright to slip on a ready-made-to-measure sleeve TAG #16

... and Missknit just had to adorn the rail outside The Great English Outdoors.

The Black Widow found a perfect spot for another 'Infinity and Beyond' circle, on the mural beside Gibbons the Butcher

...then on into the grounds of the castle where Black Widow hung a 'Catch a Falling Star' bag in the tree - we hope this will be appreciated if anyone decides to take it home...

then she crowned the globe next to the Monument...

... then it was time for Phantomstitch to put her wonderful Ghost in it's place of honour on the dead sign-post by HSBC - he looks soooo cute!

Missknit added a little cabled piece to the hand-rail to the Butter Market

and Phantomstitch decorated the railings above with her freeform piece,

then Elen the Stitcher cosied another bollard outside Victor Studios,

Whilst I added my little Bat, TAG #17 attached to the Post Office post box

and a small TAG #18 for someone's window ledge....

and then a special Halloween Pumpkin TAG # 19 for Hay Wholefoods.

Missfit added a tiny little piece on Booth's Bookshop so sweet!

We then headed off to the library where Black Widow hung another gorgeous 'Catch a Falling Star' bag in the fir tree,

and yet another bollard got a snuggly hat from Elen the Spinner

Phantomstitch added a lovely little Shamrock to a perfectly placed nail in the wall by Brook Street Pottery

then it was off to The Globe where Phantomstitch put a flower on the fence

and Black Widow put her Hand-spun cashmere mix 'Catch a Falling Star' bag on the pulpit inside the cafe

and I finished off the evening with TAG #20, my Celtic Knot design that I used on the wishing well in the summer, then it was time for hot chocolate and cake and a comfy seat, and a good ol' natter.

It was so different doing it at night, and as a group outing. All the girls were so much fun, and all our pieces had such different styles, I do hope the public will appreciate the work put in for their enjoyment.

NOTE: Agent Crocheteur (as we named her in her absence) was unable to join us and sent along a piece with Black Widow which was a rather beautiful 'triffid' which we donated to the reception at the Swan and I haven't yet taken a photo of, so that will come soon!


  1. Aha, welcome back lovely Yarn Bombers! I've missed your work out and about in town. This morning I espied the wee ghosty atop the dead pole outside HSBC. He's obviously there to welcome the arrival of the new bench.

    Pssst, there's a new bench outside Barclays - or Brackleys Bonk, as dear old Spike Milligan used to call them.

  2. Nice to hear from you Arthur's Dad, it's about time you came to Stitch and Bitch and learned a Yarn Craft and joined us on a yarn bombing mission eh?

  3. Brilliant, I just love them all but must say that due to the season the ghost and the bat are me faves:-)

  4. Thanks for the invitation to Stitch & Bitch, Rebel. I may take you up on it. I studied fashion at art school all those years ago and was pretty nifty at running up the odd frock or two on my mum's Singer. And believe me, they WERE odd frocks!

    Meanwhile, I'm missing the long-since-gone friendly ghost outside the HSBC and also wondering when we can expect to see some Christmas bombing in lovely Hay.

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