Monday, 1 March 2010

6th Outing - Spring is in the Air!

After spending the morning laying with my son on our lawn watching at the clouds form reindeer, and three-pronged boomerangs (?...!) whilst waiting for our new trampoline to arrive and hubby to come home early to put it up, I sneaked off while he was ticking off all the contents of the three boxes that had arrived and went up town to celebrate the first of March and the sunshine with a small yarnbombing spree : )

First I went to Hay Wholefoods. They loved the Pumpkin for Halloween (Tag #19) and had asked for some Snowflakes for winter but with various distractions over the last couple of months I didn't get it done so at last they have a Daffodil - and there is a distinct lack of them around here so far so hopefully today's Sun will encourage them out!

TAG #21

A friend of mine got married on this date and her flowers were Daffodils, her mum and aunt own The Granary so I celebrated by adding a daffodil motif to the window railings on the cafe that I have been meaning to place for ages.

TAG #22

...and because I always bomb in three's....... and the Sun was still shining..... and I didn't think that the Trampoline would be finished yet (wikkid laugh) I wandered around until a drainpipe I had never even noticed before tried to hide from my sight, he had obviously managed to play chameleon whilst watching me decorate other objects in his sight many times before, but this time his number was up. This was the first Tag I placed on something that seemed so shy it almost didn't want to be tagged..... that was until I slipped on the perfect piece - like Cinderella's slipper - and then you just couldn't hold him back, the sun shone on him and he positively bloomed... especially as his colours perfectly complemented the decor of Shepherd's Ice Cream Parlour. What do you think? By the way - this is by far the best ice-cream in the world, not least because it is cow-free and can be served in a gluten-free cone  which is fab for my son, and the range of flavours are exquisite! 

TAG #23


  1. Totally loving your work and the colour connection is inspired, love it:-)

  2. Ha loving this Em ..Les x