Saturday, 11 June 2011

Happy International Yarn Bombing Day Hay-on-Wye.

Despite my painful fibromyalgia-ridden legs, I had to celebrate International Yarn Bombing day, so I dragged myself around Hay to spread a little Yarn Love. I had two fellow Stitchers with me but they had forgotten what day it was (as I nearly did) and had no tags themselves, but came round with me for a while to add to the excitement : )

On my way round I saw Jenny Valentine who owns Hay Deli (as well as writing books) and she told me that the string of flowers on the shop door had been stolen during Hay Literary Festival and she needed a replacement, luckily I had a perfect piece for the job...

TAG #51

I then continued the spree...

Adela's Dress Agency

TAG #52

The Red Cross Shop

TAG #53

Opposite Shepherds' Ice Cream Parlour

TAG # 54

Dis-used Sign-post next to Hay on Wye Booksellers

TAG # 55


TAG # 56

Brook Street Pottery

TAG # 57

Library Railings

TAG # 58

Bench near Library - a hidden heart using different stitches but same colour.

TAG #59

... And introducing a new shop in Hay run by a friend, it is called Rawhide and sells a variety of products related to animals, goat's milk soap, antler chandeliers, buffalo horn containers, bee propolis cosmetics, silk garments, and much more for such a tiny space.

TAG #60

Sign Post by The Town Clock

TAG # 61

And lastly the Honesty Bookshop : )

TAG # 62


  1. Wonderful! I particularly like the hidden heart, that's ingenious. Thank you for bringing more beauty to this lovely place x

  2. My daughter was struck by the elbow pad on the library railings and then overjoyed to spot its partner on the nearby bench - well done you for having the imagination, creativity and activation to bring a bit of colour to otherwise dull street furniture.

  3. Hi, from Stoke Guerilla Shoopers

    We saw one of your pink hearts while visiting Hay today

  4. Hi - I saw some of your yarn bombs while in Hay a couple of weeks ago, and as a librarian, love that you bombed the library! Great work, you had me hunting for them as we strolled the lovely town. Thanks!

  5. Found your lovely little purple heart at the honesty book shop upon a visit to Hay yesterday! Made me smile (^-^) from HappyBerry Crochet in Worcestershire.

  6. Just returned to Australia after visiting the UK and just had to let you know that not only did we rate Hay on Wye as a highlight of our holiday but also your purple heart that I also found at the honesty book shop was perfect. A photo of it is included in my holiday photos. Sydney may now find itself brighten by your influence.

  7. I have seen your tags in Hay and I really do think that this is BRILLIANT!!!
    I am so glad I came across your blog.