Sunday, 30 August 2009

A first in truly "Letting Go"...

I just found out that Tag # 1 has been removed today... it was Saturday Night last night and I had anticipated drunken revelers finding themselves hardly able to resist deconstructing my Tags... I wonder if any survive?

When people have asked me how I can put so much work into something and risk it being stolen or destroyed, I have responded (without experience but with full brave intention) that one must "Let Go" of one's Tags as soon as they are attached... that a photo is all I can hope to be lasting... and that every moment that they are witnessed is a bonus.

Now, I didn't expect any to last even through a night, but because they have lasted what seems like ages to me this first "loss" has slightly tarnished my shiny bubble of optimism, and the truth of this art... this project... this experiment, is now a reality! For the observer it is to provoke a thought or a question or inspiration involving Yarn Craft. For me it is a lesson in Letting Go, and I am only just beginning my education. I suppose I may (as a mother) hope that in some small way it is the seed to prepare me for when my beloved son must dive into the world, leaving just ripples behind him.

I call these Tags "Works of Heart" because I love crochetting, and I do try to practice "Conscious Crochetting" (my own term that just fell out as I wrote and I do apologise for it sounding a little 'new-agey'). It is to convey the idea that every stitch I crochet I endeavor to do with positive state of mind and a smile on my face, weaving in good intentions, positivity, the odd Spell and yes....LOVE. So whoever removes the tags will not escape a little bit of these good vibes rubbing off on them, and that makes it worth it.

Anyway, true to my relationship with the universe, whilst Tag #1 is merely a memory, it's legacy lives on... a new star is born... another Yarn Bomber has struck with a fabulous chunky bit of knitting around a lovely weathered wooden sign half way down Brecon Road...

I feel so excited, and now I too am looking at every nook and cranny as I go through town to see if anyone else has left a donation to the cause. I only wish I knew who did it and I would urge them to think about making a Label so that their Tags may be attributed to them, and their adventures in Yarn Graffiti followed.

If it is You, please email me through my profile so that we can keep in touch : )

Edited to add that I have recently found out that this Tag has been here since Hay Festival of Literature in May so I was not the first yarn-bomber in Hay and I can't believe I never saw it before!

Now.... what colour shall I use on the bench this time........?


  1. Dear Yarn Bombing on Hay-on-Wye,

    We think you and your town are awesome. We've just given you a shout out on

    Leanne and Mandy

  2. That is the best part,
    the most magical moment, when you discover another yarnbomber.
    Congratulations and keep going. You are breaking new ground and educating them in your area.

  3. I am thrilled at the way you have been spreading beautiful yarn splashes around your village... it is highly possible that the one who took #1 was touched by it and thought it was meant for him or her. Wouldn't it be lovely if someone lonely or sad or troubled found their heart lifted by the beauty and just had to take it with them to remind them that there is still loveliness in the world, right around the corner, if we might only open our eyes and see!

  4. Just found out that this was made by last May, and I can't believe I hadn't noticed it before I started this blog. I am honoured that she decorated out little town during her stay.