Sunday, 23 August 2009


I have made a logo to attach to my pieces so that in time when I hopefully recruit contributions from other "yarn rebels" we will know each other's work.

I am rather pleased with it as it suggests an "Anarchy A" made with a ball of yarn and two kneedles (my own term for knitting needles) and a crochet hook (which I 'spose could be called a crook) with the end of the yarn drawn as the lit end of a bomb fuse (to refer to the Yarn-Bombing of course).
I hope everyone will see the humor in it.

I have now adapted my tag to include my Craftitti Name and some info on the back,


(Written on the back.....)
This Yarn-bomb was created with love and
placed here to inspire you to learn a Yarn Craft
and to share your Art with others.
Please visit my blog to share the fun.


  1. Love the colors you're using! So cheerful and fun. I found your site thru We're both in the yarnbombing group.

  2. Hi Susan, where do you Yarn Bomb most frequently?

  3. I love your blog. I hope mine fills up with as many bombs as yours! I also found your site through Ravelry. What's your favorite thing to bomb and what design?

  4. That is a hard question..... it is very satisfying bombing a disused street light or sign post as they are the biggest form of litter the council leaves and deserve a purpose, yet at the same time, hanging a glittery leaf in a wintering tree to be discovered later is also nice. The street bench armrest was for a lovely idea to make it more cosy for the elderly who sit there. I do like it if my bombs can end up being used as something else, like a string of flowers ending up as a teenagers belt, but I rarely get to know what happens to them. I love leaving lace mandalas, flowers and amigurumi most I think. what about you?