Thursday, 27 August 2009

Second Outing....

Well, actually I set off last night to do some Tags and got side-tracked by a game of scrabble in Kilvert's gardens with some friends. By the time I had thrashed them (blind-folded, with hands tied behind back etc) I was all geared up to splash a bit of colour round the place. What I had forgotten is that it gets dark quicker now and by the time I got my first piece attached to the hand rail on the steps opposite Chattels and adjacent to the Butter Market it was too dark for some natural light pictures and then the battery went on my camera!
SO, I set off again this morning at 8am to photograph the piece from last night before it got removed... and I am really pleased to say that so far ALL my pieces still survive.

Here is last night's Tag...

TAG #4

...and then the sun came out as the Market traders were setting up their stalls and I had to go with the flow...

This is a gold laced Oak Leaf that I have hung in a tree to the side of the Nepal Bazaar it is quite camoflaged for my work so far, the sort of Tag only a child may notice....

TAG #5

Then as I walked further into the Back Fold (again) I spotted, right next to the front door to The Nepal Bazaar, one of the many street lights that have been put into suspended animation to save money. I tried to walk on by but it screamed at me to Tag it so that it felt it had purpose being there. I obliged of course!

TAG #6

Then I got chatting to some of my friends that have stalls in the market and Jan on the Primrose Earth Awareness Trust stall has offered to let me Tag her stall which will be fun.

I walked around getting measurements for future tags, enjoying the sunshine and the growing bustle of the market, then remembered that I had snuck out before my son and hubby had woken, and had the urge to get back for a delayed morning snuggle...

... but then a lonely bench called out to me! I told it that my family needed me but it whimpered and sulked so I said I would sit a moment to keep it company. Then it spotted my sunburst that I crocheted last night and it badgered me to give it something bright to wear whilst we had such a rare sunny happening in the midst of the recent wet cloudiness, so once again, I felt it my duty to do my best : )

TAG #7

This was a very satisfying Tag as I did it quite brazenly... 
the positive feedback I have had so far is making me braver! 

I got home with a big smile on my face, 
which doubled to see my man and my boy waiting for me eager to see my photos.

"Oh frabjous day, calloo callay....."


  1. You are an Angel, leaving little signs of joyfulness for those with eyes to see them. What a beautiful way to open hearts, I love you.

  2. I enjoyed looking at your bursts of knit action, and what a lovely place to do it :) the colours are gorgeous and I like how they tie in with the surroundings.

    cheers jafabrit the knit

  3. You made my morning today as I espied your work on the handrail next to the Buttermarket. What a delight. Keep 'em coming, you Anarchist Knitter you!

  4. This is great fun - well done!

  5. Crochet and knit the whole town! I'm looking for new ones now, when I walk around. Great fun.

  6. well done fellow bomber! we are knitting the city down here too... check out:

    I think yarnbombing should be done all over the world :)
    PS we are all on twitter too :)

  7. what a fantastic thing to do!
    totally inspired here! watch out neighbourhood! (very small = 6 houses and a bus stop lol!)

  8. I just love your yarnbombing! I am so inspired to do the same thing and share my love of yarny goodness too! If all we do is bring a smile to somebodys face as they go about their daily business, then that is good enough for me. But if we inspire them to get crafty themselves then our work is done!

  9. Saw the yarn bombing this weekend, its great, keep up the good work