Tuesday, 25 August 2009

First outing.....

Woke up this morning and decided it was time..... 8am on a drizzly August morning in Hay on Wye, the sun was trying to squeeze through small moth-eaten holes of the the grey woolen blanket that was the sky, and I urged it on as I slinked up to the town centre with my bag of goodies.

On the way I passed a wonderful Work of Art that is often seen all over Hay on Wye..... my friend The Scary Guy , I told him of my mission, he looked amused and encouraged me to let him know how it goes.

I had a specially made piece for the arm of the bench in the town centre next to the cash-point. A train of Granny Squares, a traditional style to begin with to appeal to the Elders that sit there throughout the day.

 TAG #1

As I walked away I turned and saw this rather Dapper Gentleman approach the cash-point whilst doing a double-take at my piece. He then sat down and lit a cigarette.
Meanwhile I had turned into the Honesty Bookshop at the foot of Hay Castle , always exposed to the elements, and relying on on the honesty and respect of it's customers.

Here I immediately spotted a wooden post holding up one of the lean-to roofs protecting the bookshelves - and I had a perfect piece for it! I had scrumbled together a bunch of trial motifs that had been in my U.F.O. bag for ages (for Yarn Craft "muggles", a U.F.O. in Yarn Craft speak is an "Un-Finished Object"). While I placed this one around the post I could see over the wall down onto the street where the bench was, and was able to watch the gentleman sitting, smoking, next to my first piece, I took a photo of him (above) and it made me smile - enormously - and I realised how exciting this whole project is.

TAG #2

The last picture is one taken from the bench I first decorated, I hadn't anticipated that my second piece could be seen from there, I was so pleased! I also got chatting to the Dapper Gentleman and asked if he sat there often, (he did), and what he thought of the new addition.... he thought at first that one of the buskers that frequent that spot had left something, then spotted the tag hanging off and that it was fixed...... I explained that it was to help put the spotlight on Yarn Craft and he said that he thought I should contact the local paper and get some publicity.... I explained that for now it is all about the pieces and their message, not about me, so I was going to wait and see if they attract any interest to start off. Overall he liked it and insisted that the other arm of the bench needed the same attention : )

I headed towards home as the drizzle was increasing and as I went to walk past the Back Fold I found myself meandering along it's snaky path to one of my favorite shops in Hay,  Wool and Willow. There I decided to put a small piece on one the drainpipes next to the side window of the shop. This piece was a colour sample for a commission by a friend to make a pair of crochet trousers. I tied it onto the drainpipe and hoped that it would be appreciated (if noticed at all?).

TAG #3


I carried on home with a huge grin on my face. Whilst I wonder how long my "Works of Heart" will last at the hands of the local lads, I do look forward to the next expedition!


  1. What do the labels say? Do they direct people to the blog? They should do.

  2. Hi, great idea!!!! We've been doing mini sculptures and leaving them in Biblins wood, it's exciting to imagine people discovering them! Keep up the good work.

  3. The Labels are my logo and the blog address is on the back, that is why I want friends to refrain from calling me by name here for now as I am hoping that passer's by that spot the 'tags' will check out the blog to see what it is about.

  4. Sian, you must do a blog to show us your creations, share your art!

  5. so cute and sweet! such a lovely place!very british.

  6. I've just come home after a walk around town and loved spotting your creations - who'd queue for 4 hours to see Banksy's exhibition!!

  7. I am loving the crochet :) especially the last one with all the bands of colours.